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"Uninnak - Sungiussiartuaarit" is a series of three short films produced by Ánorâk Film for The Greenlandic House in Copenhagen, Denmark.


The films are based on thoughts and feelings from some of the young Greenlanders that come to Denmark to get an education. Although Greenland is a part of Denmark, and although the students already speak the Danish language, the transition is tough, and many students fail to complete their education. The films aim to prepare new students for the challenges they will face, when they leave their home country and travel 4.000 kilometres away to get an education.


Produced by: Ánorâk Film

Director: Emile Hertling Péronard

Producer: Jakob Søvndahl Skovaa

Cinematographer: Alexander Overby

Sound Design: Jacques Pedersen

Post Production: Edoardo Rebecci, Beofilm Post Production

Music: Upright Music

Stock footage: Ánorâk Film and Frisco Film

Produced for The Greenlandic House, Copenhagen, with the support of The Government of Greenland, Frafaldsmidlerne

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