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INUIAAT ISAAT means "eyes of the people".


INUIAAT ISAAT is a free online film archive with private super8 films from Greenland from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. The footage has never been shown publicly before and has been collected during Ánorâk Film's research in the making of the documentary "Sumé - The Sound of a Revolution".


INUIAAT ISAAT is a window to Greenland's past that has never before been presented to the public. Greenland didn't have its own TV production before 1982. All registered footage before that time, was made by foreign film makers who stayed in Greenland for short periods with large film crews. The footage on this site is made by the Greenlandic people themselves. There's no anthropological distance, it is all personal, intimate and real.


INUIAAT ISAAT is produced by Ánorâk Film I/S with support from The Government of Greenland, Sermeq Fonden and TELE-POST.

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